6 tips on how to choose the right massage gun

Massage guns (also called percussive therapy guns) are massage devices that can be used near any area of the muscles. They are used for general muscle pain and tension, and are often used before/after workouts. Massage guns help to warm up the muscles before training, as well as relieve muscle post-workout pain. What is most important – we can use the massage gun ourselves, anytime and anywhere. They are lightweight, compact and portable. The massage gun can be taken with you to a workout, game or competition. That is why massage guns have become so popular in recent years.

However, popularity also comes with its drawbacks – how can you choose a good, high-quality and self-appropriate massage gun when there is a huge offer available on the market? When searching Google for a massage gun, you find the results of more than 600 massage pistols, ranging in price ranges from 16 EUR to 1000 EUR. That is why We will mention a couple of important aspects that should be taken into account when buying a massage gun. The needs and desires of each user tend to vary, so it is necessary to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the product.

What are some important aspects to consider when purchasing a massage gun?

  1. Amplitude – denotes the maximum amount of vibration or oscillation of the massage gun. The amplitude determines how far (or how deep into the tissues) the head of the massage gun will move. A good level amplitude will certainly give a deeper massage effect, which is especially important if you need a deep tissue massage effect.
  2. RPM (”revolutions per minute” or beats per minute) – denotes the movements of the head of a massage gun per minute. The higher the speed of the massage gun, the more intense the effect of the massage will feel. The speed of the massage gun is important, because different speeds also have different applications. Also, with a massage therapist or physiotherapist, the speed of massage movements will vary, depending on the desired goal to be achieved. For example, at a warm-up massage before competitions or trainings, faster, superficial techniques will definitely be used. In turn, slower but deeper techniques can be used to relieve tension and pain. That is why in the choice of a massage gun, great attention should also be paid to both amplitude and RPM (speed).
  3. Sound level – the design of the massage gun is somewhat reminiscent of a drill. Unfortunately, the sound level also tends to be similar in some cases. That is why it is necessary to include sound, or noise level, in the criteria for choosing a massage gun. The operation of any massage gun will make some noise. However, several brands have thought about it. For example, massage guns of the Theragun brand use QuietForce technology, which significantly reduces the noise level without losing the power of the massage gun. Unfortunately, the sound level of a massage gun is difficult to check if you shop online and not all products offer sound level information.
  4. Battery life – virtually all massage guns operate on a rechargeable battery. Therefore, battery life is important so that the device does not have to be charged after each use. Long battery life is especially important if the massage gun is used regularly and intensively, as is the case with sports teams. Long battery life is also important if you plan to use a massage gun in sports games, competitions or hiking. Unfortunately, for other products, the battery life of the massage gun is relatively short – under 60 minutes. A safer option will definitely be to choose a massage gun with a better quality battery. For example, the battery life of the Blackroll Fascia Gun massage gun is up to 15 hours.
  5. The design and weight of the massage gun – affects the effectiveness of the application of the massage gun. Both the design and weight of the massage gun can vary significantly. It is necessary to choose the design of the massage gun that suits you so that it is convenient to carry out therapy with it. Because holding the massage gun for a longer time at hard-to-reach places, your hands can move quickly. However, a heavier and larger massage gun will also give additional intensity, or give a deeper massage effect. The lightest massage pistol in our assortment, the Blackroll Fascia Gun, weighs only 544g, while the heaviest – Theragun PRO weighs 1.3kg.
  6. Available tips – when working with a massage gun, you may have to change the tips. Because for other, more massive parts of the body, larger tips may be better suited. But, for example, for finer parts of the body or muscles close to bone surfaces, lighter, finer tips may be better suited. That is why, when choosing a massage gun, it is worth paying attention to how many and what tips are included in the kit. For example, the Theragun PRO massage gun comes with 6 different massage gun tips: Dampener, Standard ball, Thumb, Cone, Wedge, and Supersoft.

*Theragun PRO massage gun tips

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