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  • Aerify brand and products offered.
  • Lymphatic drainage boots – what are they for and how can they help?
  • Why choose the Aerify brand?
  • Three different Aerify lymphatic drainage systems – how to choose the most suitable?
  • How to use lymphatic drainage boots correctly?
  • We offer you to try Aerify lymphatic drainage boots.
  • Buy or rent lymphatic drainage boots?
  • User reviews. available lymphatic drainage products:

Aerify brand and products offered.

The Aerify brand offers innovative technological cryo-compression therapy and lymphatic drainage therapy products. Aerify is a domestic – Latvian brand, which as of 2018. Of offers lymphatic drainage and cryo-compression therapy products. It has been popular not only in Latvia, but also abroad. The renewal products offered by Aerify are especially popular with athletes – football players, athletics, cyclists, etc. Aerify products are also used by FC Barcelona club physiotherapists and players. There are currently countless brands available in the world that offer rejuvenation products, however, the products offered by the Aerify brand are especially effective – and not only because it is our domestic Latvian brand. Aerify recovery devices are characterized by the highest quality, they are powerful, thoughtful and effective.

The Aerify brand offers 3 types of lymphatic drainage systems – Aerify Standard, Aerify Charge and Aerify LITE, as well as 1 type of cryo-compression therapy system Aerify Cryboots. About these models we will tell 4. blog section – Three different Aerify lymphatic drainage systems – how to choose the most suitable?

Aerify lymphatic drainage boots – what are they for and how can they help?

Aerify boots are air compression massage boots (they can also be called lymphatic drainage boots) with multiple ventricles that inflate sequentially from the ankles all the way to the groin and help massage tired legs, painful muscles and help drive away lymphatic fluid. Lymphatic drainage therapy is one of the trends of recent times – it is used not only by professional athletes, but also by amateurs and ordinary people to help the body recover and recover from physical exertion or just hard days.

The lymphatic drainage system or external pneumatic compression (EPC) as a technology is not new. Lymphatic drainage has been used in medicine for several decades to improve lymph outflow, relieve swelling and help with various venous problems. Aerify devices have also undergone the necessary certifications for CE and IIa class medical equipment and are registered with the State Agency of Medicines (SAM) as medical devices. Therefore, Aerify lymphatic drainage devices will perfectly help people with the above-mentioned health problems to improve the quality of life on a daily basis at home.

Lymphatic drainage boots are comfortable, they can be quietly put on and for a while you can watch TV or read a book while lymphatic drainage massage therapy is underway.

Lymphatic drainage procedures help not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for therapeutic and preventive purposes. The lymphatic drainage procedure is a mechanical massage with alternating air pressure, as a result of which blood circulation and lymph flow are improved. Lymphatic drainage therapy eliminates swelling and helps muscles recover after heavy loads – for people who have more than 3-4 workouts per week. The lymphatic drainage procedure will improve blood circulation and lymph flow, and will help restore muscles after crossfit workouts, weight lifting, cycling, triathlon, soccer training, etc. Improved blood circulation and lymph flow, in turn, helps to get rid of metabolic by-products, such as lactic acid, which occur after physical activity faster and more efficiently. The improved flow of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood is exactly what your muscles need to “build themselves anew”.

The main benefits of using the Aerify lymphatic drainage system:

  • Improves blood and lymph circulation.
  • Reduces the risk of injury and sprains.
  • Accelerates muscle recovery after physical exertion.
  • Improves athletic performance.
  • Reduces swelling and swelling.
  • Removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs.
  • When performing lymphatic drainage relieves the body of toxins.
  • Removes fatigue.
  • Reduces cellulite.

Why choose the Aerify brand?

Although there are currently countless brands available worldwide that offer similar products due to the resurgence trend, Aerify will be your best choice not only because it is our own Latvian brand. First of all, Aerify is one of the few brands that offers 8 air ventricular boots. As a rule, other products have 4, 5, or 6 air chambers.

Why 8 air ventricles are better?

Each cycle of air compression massage has twice as many steps, this makes the procedure more gradual and effective. With 8 air ventricles, much more complex and personalized programs are possible, which 4 ventricular systems are not able to provide. Pietam Aerify offers not only air compression boots, but also trousers, shorts, arms, back belts. For example, Aerify trousers extend above the waist and perform air compression massage also on the hips, buttocks and lower back, and this is only possible with an 8-ventricular system. But that’s not all, Aerify devices are much more powerful, they reach pressures of up to 240mmHg (which is the equivalent of the pressure that is in a volleyball ball), while compressors of other brands reach only 110-150mmHg.

Who needs so much pressure?

For medical purposes, this will not be necessary, but for athletes such as long-distance runners who have slender legs with high muscle tone and a very dense muscle structure, 110mmHg will not be enough.

Three different Aerify lymphatic drainage systems – how to choose the most suitable?

The Aerify brand offers three different Aerify lymphatic drainage systems. Here we will provide a small table of information for you so that you can easily and conveniently compare all 3 available lymphatic drainage system equipment.

How to use Aerify lymphatic drainage boots correctly?

Aerify lymphatic drainage procedure can be used by anyone who wants to improve their well-being. It is designed for both athletes, amateurs, and ordinary people after a hard day’s work. It can also be used for cosmetic purposes, such as relieving cellulite. All three Aerify lymphatic drainage systems offer 6 different program modes

Available modes:

  • Aerify Standard offers 6 different lymphatic drainage therapy regimens.
  • A, B, C, D are the basic recovery programs:
  • Program A: The “One Wave” program is a great and relaxing massage after a long day on your feet.
  • Program B: “Sequential compression” will be great as lymphatic drainage or to improve the processing of lactic acids after sports.
  • Program C: “Double wave massage” for intense muscle relaxation.
  • Program D: “Full compression and release” for all ventricles at the same time, for a rapid and intensive recovery process.
  • E and F programmes are combinations of previous programmes.

Pressure level settings.

Aerify Standard and Aerify LITE devices allow you to choose from 8 different pressure levels, while the Aerify Charge device has 16 different pressure levels. The pressure levels of Aerify Standard and Aerify LITE are divided from 30 to 240mmHg, where each subsequent level is an additional 30 mmHg. For example, the first level is 30 mmHg, the sixth level is 180 mmHg, and the highest, or 8. the level is 240 mmHg (equal to the air pressure contained in an inflated volleyball ball). The pressure required depends on the circumference of your legs (thinner legs will usually require more pressure), pressure tolerance and personal feeling. We recommend starting with medium pressure – 3. up to 5. level (pressure 90 – 150 mmHg) and then increase or lower the pressure depending on your feelings. Note that during the process, the feelings should be pleasant. If you do not feel comfortable or feel pain, then you definitely need to reduce the pressure until the process becomes pleasant.

Separate selection of air ventricles.

The individual air ventricles can be deactivated and activated, giving you the opportunity to avoid stimulating painful or sensitive areas. Or, conversely, to focus on specific areas of the body, deactivating the ventricles of the rest of the areas. When the device is launched, all air chambers are activated and will be filled with air. To deactivate any air ventricle can be pressed onto the device before starting the program responsible for the specific air ventricle. The air ventricles can be reactivated again by stopping the program and clicking on the corresponding number of the air chamber and restarting the program. Thus, you can experiment with ventricular combinations and find the most desirable lymphatic drainage treatment setting for you.

Time settings.

All three lymphatic drainage system devices – Aerify Standard, Aerify Charge and Aerify LITE – offer the opportunity to choose the treatment time from 1 to 99 minutes. We recommend choosing as the basis for the recovery process – 30 minutes of the procedure session, 1 time per day. But you can increase the duration of the procedure to 99 minutes if you want to use it longer. The procedure can also be used for warming up the muscles before training – you can start with up to 15 minutes, as a warm-up process. After training, the procedure can be performed for a longer time with a relaxing effect – 50 to 60 minutes. As long as the procedure is pleasant, there are no restrictions on the times and duration of use.

We offer you to try Aerify lymphatic drainage boots.

If you want to test the device before renting or purchasing it and make sure of its quality, we can offer you to test the device for free. Write to us at

Buy or rent lymphatic drainage boots?

The lymphatic drainage system with us can be simply tested, purchased and rented. We offer you to buy a wide range of Aerify products. A variety of Aerify accessories and spare parts are also available. If you are interested in buying Aerify products, take a look at Aerify’s products section.

Buying a lymphatic drainage device will definitely be a wonderful investment if you do a lot of sports, train for competitions, regularly feel pain or swelling in your legs after exercise. The Aerify lymphatic drainage device in some cases can even replace the classic foot massage. The purchase of a lymphatic drainage device will also certainly pay off for physiotherapy centers or sports clubs that will use it a lot and regularly.

If you are not sure about the purchase or do not plan to use the device regularly, then it is definitely a great option to rent it from us. If you are preparing for competitions, have started playing more regularly and more sports, feel pain or just want to try the device , then we offer you to rent it. The lease terms offered are 3 days, 7 days and 14 days.


  • 3-day rental – 40 EUR
  • 7-day rental – 80 EUR
  • 14-day rental – 140 EUR

Rent lymphatic drainage boots online in our online store:

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Rinald is a young footballer. He has been doing football for 10 years, training and games are held 6 times a week – usually 1 to 2 workouts a day, which tend to be lengthy and exhausting. As Rinald himself says, then the legs after training are very tired and require some therapy that helps to unwind faster. It is very important for any football player to recover, so that the legs are always fresh and you can fully train for everyone 100% every day, as well as just feel good. The lymphatic drainage process itself is interesting and soothing – put your feet in boots and rest peacefully for some 30, 40 minutes.

- Rinalds, futbolists

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