Hand compression orthosis ”compression sleeve”


Germanium compression hand orthoses reduce fatigue and swelling of the hands, and innovative natural fibers are used to make them to improve the wearer’s vitality and functionality. Compression of varying degrees stimulates local blood circulation, reduces swelling and speeds up recovery, but the unique anti-slip design guarantees an excellent fit to the upper arm or forearm of the arm for both men and women. The breathable and deodorizing properties of the fabric make orthoses perfect for use during various intense physical activities, such as crossfit, weightlifting, basketball, football, volleyball, softball, hiking, athletics, gymnastics and other activities.

  • Special design. Perfectly suited for men and women and provides compression of the upper arm and forearm with anti-slip effect.
  • Improves persistence. Gradual support stimulates local blood circulation, relieves swelling and accelerates recovery.
  • Innovative fibers. Particles of carbon and germanium stimulate local blood circulation. The active elements germanium and carbon are semiconductors that are stimulated by the body’s local heat and act immediately after putting on the product.
  • Improves functional abilities. Perfect for cross-country, weightlifting, basketball, soccer, volleyball, softball, athletics, gymnastics, hiking and other activities.