NeuroTrac SPORTS XL Electrostimulation Device


NeuroTrac SPORTS XL – Universal electrostimulation equipment that offers a wide range of functions, including muscle building, toning, rehabilitation and cellulite reduction. NeuroTrac Sports XL is an advanced and modern digital two-channel STIM device with four channels that allows you to connect up to 8 electrode pads for more powerful and customizable muscle stimulation. It has an excellent 21 built-in sports and muscle rehabilitation programs and 3 customizable programs. 5-segment programs can also be customized for the most demanding users, no matter what the sports injury is.

NeuroTrac Sports XL programs:

Warm up, Capillary, Endurance, Resistance force output 1,2 and 3, Maximum force output, Explosive force output, Lipocytes Metabolism 1 and 2, Muscle at Rest, Mass Muscle Contraction, Active Recovery, Muscle Toning, Calming the Muscle, Pain Relief, Explosive Strength Level 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as 3 customizable programs.

This is a high-quality specialized electrostimulation device used by professional athletes and physiotherapists to create, tone and maintain healthy muscles. It can help you achieve more intense exercises, as well as help you regain muscle strength after an injury.

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