NeuroTrac Continence Electrostimulation Device


NeuroTrac Continence is a modern device for electrostimulation of pelvic floor muscles. NeuroTrac Continence uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to activate the pelvic floor muscles. It is characterized by a greater choice of pulse width from 50 to 450 μs. Relieves pelvic floor pain, stimulates the muscles of the pelvic floor and develops their endurance.

The NeuroTrac Continence pelvic floor electrostimulation device will help with various problems of incontinence and is loved by both patients and healthcare professionals both in clinics and at home. If you suffer from any kind of incontinence problem, the NeuroTrac Continence device will be able to help. Sit down, relax, and ease your incontinence problems.

NeuroTrac Continence programs:

NeuroTrac Continence has 9 preset programs designed to relieve bladder pain, mild and moderate stress, mild and moderate frequency and cravings, lack of sensation, general pelvic floor training, increase endurance. NeuroTrac Continence also has 3 customizable programs, which means that you or your doctor or therapist can tailor your program specifically to your needs.

  • P01 – Pelvic Floor Pain
  • P02 – Stress incontinence
  • P03 – Stress Incontinence 1
  • P04 – Stress Incontinence 2
  • P05 – Frequency/ Voltage 1
  • P06 – Frequency/ Voltage 2
  • P07 – Lack of sensitivity
  • P08 – Pelvic Floor Training
  • P09 – Endurance Training
  • PC1 – User Defined Program 1
  • PC2 – User Defined Program 2
  • PC3 – User Defined Program 3

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