Compex SP 8.0 electrostimulation unit

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The modern Compex SP 8.0 electrostimulation unit is designed for athletes who practice sports regularly 3 or more times a week. The Wireless Compex SP 8.0 electrostimulation unit offers the new Mi-technology and Mi-Autorange for better results.

Compex SP 8.0 offers all the basics of an electrostimulation machine to meet the needs of athletes: tone up muscles, build your body, relax tense muscles and recover faster. The Compex SP 8.0 electrostimulation unit offers all the basic electrostimulation functions and “Muscle Intelligence” technology.

Muscle Intelligence technology helps the electrostimulation machine adapt to each muscle to provide the most effective possible electrostimulation effect, while offering greater comfort and better performance. The “Muscle Intelligence” function scans the muscles and automatically adjusts the stimulator parameters to the physiology of your body. The Mi-Range indicates the optimal level of stimulation to use for recovery and massage programs. Mi-Tens makes it easier to adjust stimulation levels for pain relief programs to ensure optimal results. Mi-Autorange has a brand new feature that allows your Compex module to automatically determine the most appropriate level of stimulation.

The Compex device will improve your performance. The effects of Comprex electrostimulation systems are scientific. Thanks to the use of the Compex device, you will improve your strength, explosive power and endurance. Comprex electrostimulation helps to increase muscle volume and reduce the amount of lactic acid.

Product Description:

  • Wireless technology
  • Muscle Intelligence MI-scan, MI-autorange, MI-tens, MI-action on 4 modules
  • Number of channels – 4 channels
  • Web connection
  • Download objective
  • Upload remote history
  • Program Categories: Conditioning, Pain management, Recovery/massage, Fitness, Rehabilitation
  • 40 programs
  • Wireless technology
  • Matrix color screen
  • Power – 120 mA, 150 Hz
  • Pulse width: 60 – 400 μs
  • Pulse frequency: 1 – 150 Hz
  • Battery – NiMH battery, 4.8 V, 1200 mAh
  • Additional accessories can be ordered separately

Advantages of SP 8.0:

  • Helps to strengthen the musculature
  • Helps with recovery after workouts
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Improves well-being

The composition of the kit:

  • Compex SP 8.0 system
  • USB cable
  • Electrode set EasySnap perfomance mi-sensor 5×5 cm square shape
  • Electrode set EasySnap perfomance mi-sensor 10×5 cm rectangular
  • Electrode set EasySnap perfomance mi-sensor 10×5 cm rectangular
  • User’s manual


  • 2 years – for the device
  • 6 months – for cables, batteries and charger

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