Buying a Gameready PRO cryocompression machine will definitely be a wonderful investment if you do a lot of sports, train for competitions, regularly feel pain or tightness in your legs after exercise. Cryocompression equipment The acquisition will also certainly pay off for professional athletes, physiotherapy centers or sports clubs who will use it a lot and regularly. Gameready PRO is even used in hospitals and private orthopedic clinics to help remove puffiness and pain after various joint operations. Cryocompression equipment is a great helper after various operations, such as knee surgery, ankle surgery, hip surgery, etc.

The Gameready PRO cryocompression system is an advanced cold and compression device that can help reduce pain and swelling, and help with the rehabilitation of injuries or surgeries. The cryocompression device is convenient and easy to use and is designed to help you get back to full form as soon as possible. Game Ready is an industry leader in cold and compression therapy, used by thousands of orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapy clinics and athletes of virtually all professional sports.

By renting a cryocompression equipment system, you will be able to fully undergo a course of cryocompression procedure in a convenient place and time. After various joint surgeries, such as endoprosthetics of the knee joint or reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments, both pain and sagging are felt in the first weeks. Both of these factors not only slow down the rehabilitation process, but can also influence its successful outcome. Therefore, it is important to follow the RICE principle (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) in the first postoperative weeks. The RICE principle is a generally accepted industry standard for the treatment of acute and chronic soft tissue injuries and postoperative injuries. Often, 1 cold application per day may not be enough, and as many as 3-4 applications may be required. That is why renting a cryocompression machine can be an excellent investment in acute trauma or postoperative rehabilitation. Renting a Gameready PRO cryocompression system can save not only valuable time and effort, but also in financial terms. We offer to rent cryocompression system for a cheaper amount, and you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy a more complete cryocompression system procedure.

The cryocompression system has a microprocessor-enabled portable control unit that allows you to adjust the pneumatic (air) pressure, time and temperature settings. Treatment sessions can be adjusted depending on the needs of the patient.

We can offer personalized help, training and instructions on how to use Gameready PRO effectively cryocompression system. The Gameready PRO system brings with it the necessary applicator, such as the knee joint, ankle, lumbar back, wrist or elbow joints. All inventory is delivered to your home within 1-2 days along with instructions for use. All inventory included in the kit is clean and disinfected.

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