Aerify lymphatic drainage Buying a device will definitely be a wonderful investment if you do a lot of sports, train for competitions, regularly feel pain or swelling in your legs after exercise. The Aerify lymphatic drainage device in some cases can even replace the classic foot massage. The purchase of a lymphatic drainage device will also certainly pay off for physiotherapy centers or sports clubs that will use it a lot and regularly.

By renting a lymphatic drainage boot system, you will be able to fully undergo a course of lymphatic drainage procedure in a convenient place and time. Renting a lymphatic drainage boot system can save not only valuable time, but also in financial terms. In beauty salons, medical and physiotherapy centers, the price of 1 lymphatic drainage procedure can vary from 15-30EUR. We offer to rent a lymphatic drainage system for a cheaper amount, and you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy a more complete lymphatic drainage procedure.

Lymphatic drainage procedures help not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for therapeutic and preventive purposes. The lymphatic drainage procedure is a mechanical massage with alternating air pressure, as a result of which blood circulation and lymph flow are improved. The lymphatic drainage system helps muscles recover after heavy loads – for people who have more than 3-4 workouts per week. The lymphatic drainage procedure will improve blood circulation and help restore muscles after crossfit workouts, weight lifting, cycling, triathlon, soccer training, etc.

The lymphatic drainage plant has:

  • 6 different procedure modes
  • 8 different air pressure modes
  • Boots and trousers include 8 air pressure chambers, which allows you to diversify the air pressure during the procedure

Lymphatic drainage boots:

  • removes the feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  • when performing lymphatic drainage relieves the body of toxins;
  • removes fatigue and swelling;
  • reduces cellulite.

For lymphatic drainage system, we bring 1 size of boots (M size 1.65m – 1.83m or L size 1.80m – 2.05m), as well as lymphatic drainage pants, which are suitable for the leg, lower back, hip and groin area (height 1.60m – 1.95m).

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