Kinesio Tex kinezioloģiskie teipi

kinesiological teips from KINESIO TEX.

The Kinesio Tex brand specializes in high-quality kinesiological teips. Dr. Kenzo Kase, a manual therapist for kinesiological theories and also kinesio tex brands themselves. Thus, the Kinesio Tex brand is a brand created by the founder of the kinesiological method itself.

The kinesiological method of teipping is a rehabilitation method that is designed to help the body promote the natural recovery process while providing support and stability to the joints and muscles. Kinesio Tex kinesiological teips do not contain latex or allergy-causing substances – they can be worn for several days. They are safe for use by both children and the elderly. Kinesiological theorizing will be used in many branches of treatment – orthopedics, neurology, rehabilitation, pediatrics, etc.

Depending on the technique chosen, the kinesiological teip stimulates the different receptors found in the skin, fascia and muscles, thus helping to relieve pain and promote lymph outflow by raising the skin and fascia to a microscopic level. Treatment with Kinesio Tape is simple, harmless and effective. Nowadays, kinesiological theorizing is used very widely – in medicine, sports, as well as in private ordinary people.

Kinesio Tex Gold FP kinezioloģiskais teips
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