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The BOSU® brand was created in 2000. year and it quickly became one of the most sought-after workout tools, not only among fitness professionals, but also among healthcare professionals. The BOSU® brand is well known to every physiotherapist. Initially, the name “BOSU” was an acronym for the word “Both sides up”. This meant that the BOSU® equilibrium surface could be used on both sides – performing exercises both on the dome and on the platform. At the moment, the term “BOSU” denotes much more – it has become a unique approach to training, indeed, BOSU® products provide an opportunity to perform completely different, unique exercises, which is a great alternative to traditional training. The BOSU® brand offers products that allow you to increase training opportunities and enrich the variety of exercises. BOSU® training equipment is perfectly designed for balance, strengthening exercises, as well as for cardio workouts. The BOSU® brand’s intention is to promote public health, well-being and overall quality of life.

When performing exercises on the balance surface of the BOSU, you need to maintain the center of gravity of® the body on a constantly changing surface. Even just standing on it tends to be a challenge because your body moves and requires a great challenge of feeling of balance. In addition to cardio fitness and stronger muscles, BOSU® also develops other skills, such as:

  • Proprioception – an understanding of the position of the joints and body in response to fluctuations in balance. For example, when standing on the balance surface of BOSU, the stabilizing and primary muscles of the feet and ankles work hard to stabilize the joints and maintain the balance of® the body.
  • Equilibrium: BOSU’s® equilibrium surfaces are never stable. Because of this, stabilizer muscles are involved, which help to improve the sense of balance of the whole body.
  • Kinesthetic consciousness: or feelings of joint movements that can deteriorate with age. Therefore, training with a BOSU® balance surface is able to help maintain these abilities.
BOSU NEXGEN PRO Līdzsvara virsma 65cm, pelēka
Bosu Pro Līdzsvara virsma

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