The FASCIQ® brand is characterized by high quality and simple to apply fascia massage tools. FASCIQ® offers a variety of tools for performing IASTM techniques, silicone wax banks, flosbands, fascia massage rolls and balls. The FASCIQ® brand has created its products for fascia therapy. The fascia is a network of connective tissue in various forms and structures that covers the muscular systems and many organs. The fascia is also the site of nerve endings, thus making the fascia the largest sensory organ. Here, too, is often one of the main sources of pain. For this reason, FASCIQ focuses on fascia® tools designed for relaxation, improving well-being, pain relief, as well as, importantly, improved athletic performance.

IASTM technique – fascia knives.

FASCIQ® offers a variety of IASTM tools, or fascia knives called in Latvian. They are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is used by a professional therapist in the treatment of “soft tissues” and trigger points.

Silicone wax banks.

FASCIQ® silicone vacuum banks are designed to relieve fascia tension, relieve pain and improve blood circulation. Banking therapy also contributes to a more rapid elimination of toxins from the body. FASCIQ® also offers a special wax and cream, which are used in combination with wax banks and IASTM knives to enhance the effect of the therapy.

Massage rolls and balls.

FASCIQ® massage rolls and massage balls are great tools for self-massage.


FASCIQ® flossband are special tools for performing joint and fascia mobilization techniques.

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