High-quality bandages, sports teips and wound care products.

The BSN Medical brand is a leader in the global market of healthcare products specializing in compression therapy, wound care and orthopedics. BSN Medical offers high-quality elastic bandages, bandages, bandages, wound care products, sports teips and kinesiological teips. BSN Medical is a popular brand among medical practitioners – it is popular with doctors, paramedics, physiotherapists.

Of the range of sports teips, BSM Medical offers Strappal and Leukotape Classic, which can be used in sports tattooing. BSN Medical sports teips are therapeutic, flexible teips that are used to reduce pain, swelling and protect injured areas of the body, offering support in cases of ligament and joint damage, muscle injuries and sports injuries. Teips does not contain latex, therefore it is skin-friendly and remains on the skin for a long time. Leukotape Classic is available in sizes of 2.5 cm and 3.75 cm width. Leukotape Classic teip is very strong and rigid (inelastic), has high strength. It can be successfully used for functional immobilization and is also suitable for athletes. The brand also offers Leukotape K, which is a high-quality kinesiological teip – available in 5cm x 5m and 7.5cm x 5m sizes, in various color variations.

BSN Tensospray is an easy-to-use, transparent spray that leaves a thin layer of protective film on the surface of the skin. It provides an ideal layer of protective film for adhesive bandages or sports puttying, promoting excellent adhesive adhesion and reducing skin injury during teip removal. Designed for use before applying prewrap, sports teips or elastic bandages.

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