The BLACKROLL brand considers itself a “lifestyle” company. BLACKROLL offers workout equipment that is easy to use for everyone. The BLACKROOL brand offers fascia rolls, fascia balls, fitness rubbers, vibration devices, such as vibration fascia roll sets and massage guns. BLACKROOL products are of excellent quality, functional, durable, colorful and also affordable. Most BLACKROLL products are manufactured in Germany from 90% recyclable material. The BLACKROLL brand cares about the environment, so all products from fascia products are 100% recyclable and do not contain chemicals.

wellness products and knowledge.

The BLACKROLL brand offers not only training and fascia equipment, but also wellness products to improve sleep and most importantly – knowledge. All BLACKROLL products are designed with this knowledge in mind and what we know about fascia and pain.

BLACKROLL tools are designed for use by everyone. You don’t have to be an expert or an experienced athlete to use them. You can use them anywhere, as many products are small, lightweight, durable and portable. You can even take them with you on holiday or travel. These tools can be used to relax muscles and fascia, relieve pain, or for effective warm-ups and warm-ups during sports classes. The BLACKROLL brand even advocates that the use of fascia tools helps to improve sleep.

The Blackroll brand offers massage rolls of various sizes, colors, hardness of the material for every person’s taste.

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