Bamboo charcoal and germanium ankle orthosis


Bamboo charcoal and germanium ankle orthosis is designed to relieve fatigue, correct injuries and maintain healthy functionality of the ankle joint. The modern 3D design provides easy compression for heat and stimulates local blood circulation, while the innovative fibers improve comfort by absorbing excess moisture and taking advantage of the natural deodorizing properties of bamboo charcoal. Compression of varying degrees and the open heel design provide an anti-slip effect, guaranteeing a safe position and continuous support during sports activities such as basketball, running, football, weightlifting, crossfit, yoga and even during sports activities performed barefoot. Thanks to an optimal design that strengthens the Achilles tendon and provides support for the foot throughout the day, the orthosis is also suitable for everyday use.

  • Intended use. The orthosis provides easy warming support and stimulates local blood circulation. The effect of the product begins immediately after putting it on.
  • Suitable for everyday use. This high-quality ankle orthosis prefects fit and provide support for the foot and Achilles tendon.
  • Great for all sports. The open part of the fingers provides an anti-slip effect, which makes this orthosis perfect for a variety of sports, including basketball, running, football, training, crossfit, yoga and other activities performed barefoot.