Massage Couch – Model MA


Portable massage mover ”MA” with face opening, width 50 cm or 60 cm, white or black lacquered chassis.

The massage couch “MA” is the tarsus brand’s first bestseller and it was with the “MA” massage couch that it all started. Massage couch “MA” is the easiest to put out and fold back of the massage couches offered in the assortment. Massage couch “MA” is available in widths of 50 or 60 cm for the possibility of adapting to your own convenience. The massage couch “MA “, like the model “TE”, can be used in conjunction with the electric or hydraulic chassis offered by Tarsus.

The product can be purchased on order – you can choose your preferred width of the massage couch (50cm or 60cm), the color of the chassis (white or black) and the color of the couch pad (blue, greenish-blue, black, burgundy, light gray). To order a massage couch “MA”, write to

It is possible to purchase this product by leasing. About leasing options, write to
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