Airex Balance Pad Mini Equilibrium Surface


The Airex Balance Pad Mini is Elite’s smaller version. It has the characteristic unique dotted texture on the upper and lower sides is non-slip and at the same time provides a pleasant stimulation of the receptors of the foot when exercising barefoot. A thickness of 6 cm gives the Balance-pad the desired balance challenging properties.

The Airex Balance Pad Mini’s balance surface was designed for functional training requirements and is ideal for taking with you on trips. The smaller balance surface size is ideal for one-leg or one-handed functional exercises, as well as dynamic workouts, and allows the Balance Pad Mini to fit into any sports bag or hand luggage. It can also comfortably stay under the head, performing exercises in the supine position.

  • Size: 41 x 25 x 6cm.
  • Available color: gray.

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