K-Active kinezioloģiskie teipi

kinesiological teips from k-active.

The K-Active brand is known for high-quality kinesiological teips. K-Active kinesiological teips are manufactured according to the highest quality specifications and are constantly being improved. They hold especially well and for a long time, are suitable for sensitive skin and allergies, have been tested for harmful substances and have excellent mechanical properties.

crosswalk from k-active.

Looking for an alternative to painful trigger point massage or needleless acupuncture? Then K-Active cross-country is just right for you! Small crossteips are electromagnetically charged and are believed to have a positive effect on the flow of energy in the body. They can be used to treat pain points, muscle injuries and scars with excellent accuracy. Crossteips can also help with problems such as back pain, joint pain, muscle tension, migraines or various types of headaches.

Based on the information of research papers, cross-pipes with an electromagnetic charge restore the harmony of the body’s energy channels. Due to the excellent accuracy of the application on the skin, they cause constant irritation of the tissues. This irritation and movements contribute to local blood circulation and produce a kind of massage effect. The improved energy flow thus helps relieve muscle tension, triggerpoint pain, scar healing, etc. Crosstees have perfect persistence on the skin, however, at the same time they are skin-friendly and breathable. With them, you can also safely bathe and take a shower.

K-ACTIVE Classic kinezioloģiskais teips
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K-Active krosteipi

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