Therabody is an American brand that has been officially launched in 2016. Year. However, Therabody’s founder, chiropractor Dr. Jason Versland, has started working on Therabody much earlier. 2007. In the year, Dr. Jason Versland suffered a traumatic accident on a motorcycle, as a result of which pain appeared. Thus, 2008. the first model of the Theragun massage gun was created and since then Theragun has become the pioneers of percussive massage therapy. The Therabody brand is focused on advanced technological wellness products. Therabody is an extremely popular brand of the best athletes in the world who enjoy products such as vibrating massage balls, rolls and massage guns. The mission of the Therabody brand is to give everyone the opportunity to do the things that motivate them in a physical, mental and emotional sense. Therabody’s wellness products change the way the user sees the world in terms of wellness and recovery.


Theragun massage guns are used to treat muscle pain for everyone from professional athletes to weekend soldiers. It is believed that percussive therapy is effective in accelerating the time of muscle recovery and reducing pain after exercise. Percussive therapy is a type of soft tissue manipulation (the same thing that a massage therapist does with you during a massage), designed to reduce muscle pain and increase the volume of movements.

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