Triggerpoint massage rolls and fascia balls.

The TriggerPoint™ brand empowers people to achieve optimal levels of movement by providing the world’s best therapeutic self-massage products and knowledge. The TriggerPoint™ brand recognizes that their main mission is to give people the ability to move freely without pain. TriggerPoint™ founder Cassidy Phillips, as a runner, suffered from chronic and excruciating pain himself until he found a way to alleviate that pain – using self-massage tools. Cassidy Philippe, at that time being an athlete, suffered from muscular dystrophy, which leads to progressive weakness and loss of muscle mass, as well as pain. The founder of TriggerPoint™ decided to understand muscle building and dystrophic muscle recovery so that an effective cure could be created. After trying out various conservative treatment options, such as manual therapy and massage, Cassidy Phillips found that people don’t really have the ability to do such self-massage treatments on their own. So 2001. In the year the TriggerPoint™ brand was born. Today, the TriggerPoint™ brand offers massage rolls, massage balls, massage sticks and other self-massage tools that are unique in their excellent quality, innovative design, texture and vision.

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