K-ACTIVE Classic kinesiological putty 5cm x 17m

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K-Active Classic kinesiological teip: the most versatile original – large roll (5cm x 17m)

The K-Active Classic kinesiological teip meets the highest requirements in therapy and sports, despite exposure from sweating, water or dynamic movements. The tried and tested interactions of hypoallergenic glue and elastic teip texture ensure reliable durability. The K-Active Classic kinesiological teip perfectly adapts to the body. Based on scientific evidence, kinesiological tattooing has an analgesic effect and harmonizes muscle tone, thereby relieving tension and pain.

K-Active kinesiological putty, made of cotton fabric and acrylic adhesive, which, after application on the body, is activated by rubbing/heat absorption. K-Active kinesiological teip repels water, it can be worn on the skin for several days. After removal, K-Active kinesiological putty does not leave glue residues on the skin.

Product Information:

  • Delivery kit: 1 roll.
  • Roll dimensions: 5 cm x 17 m.
  • Available colors: beige, pink, blue, green, black.