Togu Jumper Pro – The Original – Equilibrium Surface


Jumper® Pro – balance surface (with base plate) for even more versatile gymnastics. Jumper® Pro is a multifunctional training machine that can be used for balance, strength and coordination training. It is widely used in sports classes, physiotherapy, as well as to ensure the physical fitness of athletes. The Jumper® Pro is an air-filled trampoline ball made of durable Ruton material on a fiberglass-mounted base. The material is odorless and is very durable. Jumper® Pro is able to withstand a load of up to 200kg. The material of the product is latex-free and is made of 100% recyclable plastic. The air filling/pressure can be adjusted by means of a valve. The surface is non-slip, like the bottom plate. Inside, the curved base plate creates an ingenious trampoline effect.

Togu Jumper® Pro available in red:

  • Size: 52×24 cm