Theraband gymnastics equipment.

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The TheraBand brand offers gymnastic equipment for physiotherapy, prevention and rehabilitation. TheraBand started the company by producing elastic gymnastics rubbers for physiotherapist practices. Initially, gymnastic rubbers were with only one type of resistance and blackened. Later, the TheraBand brand began to produce gymnastic rubbers of various resistance levels, which were marked with a different color. Over time, the TheraBand range expanded and nowadays TheraBand gymnastics equipment includes resistance rubbers, gymnastic balls, massage balls, hand trainers, espanders, exercise mats, balance surfaces, and much more. TheraBand offers products that are ideal for training the hands, fingers and wrists. For example, the TheraBand Hand Trainer is very suitable for improving the muscle function of the fingers, hands and forearms. And the TheraBand Digi-Flex is ideal for finger training.

balance surfaces and soft exercise mats.

TheraBand offers a variety of valuable balance surfaces for balance training. With TheraBand balance surfaces, training can be designed to improve strength and balance. TheraBand balance surfaces are often used for the rehabilitation of the knees, back and ankles. Balance exercises are also very important for the elderly to improve balance and muscle strength. TheraBand gymnastics equipment is great for training both at home, in the gym, and with a physiotherapist. During training, a TheraBand exercise mat on which you can perform a wide variety of exercises can also come in handy. TheraBand exercise mats are available in a variety of sizes and colors. They are made of soft and easy-to-clean non-slip material and are easy to roll up for storage.

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